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IMDB 8.7
movie starts out with a house sitter Sarah, getting a noise complaint from the downstairs neighbor. She is a culinary cultural list doing a thesis on the culture of food. While she's in town she's helping out her sister's catering business with a proposal to a prospective client. Sister gets delayed by vehicle trouble and she has to do the interview herself and lo and behold the noise complainer is the one performing the interview. Trying to save the opportunity she makes a deal with Jason, who needs to spike The Guns of his matchmaking sisters, by agreeing to be his date to his brother's wedding. This will give her the opportunity to pitch her food to his father who owns a line of spas and resorts that would provide good catering contracts. She doesn't count on how much she totally falls in love with his family. Also Jason is dealing with the fact that he doesn't want to be in the family business, because his passion is gardening and Landscaping and designing Gardens. At the same time, Molly Davis is rescued from the van breakdown by her ex boyfriend Ben, who is also a caterer. They broke up because of creative differences, but he has a plan to win her back. He has a job that he needs her help on. It seems as though everyone in the family has their own agenda, but in the end they all put the needs of the other first. It is a Charming story and definitely worth a look.
Sisters of the Groom on tubeplus


Quality: HD
Release year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Family
Director: Bradford May
Duration: 1h 58min
Starring:Malese Jow, Jeremy Sumpter, Savannah Jayde
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